Banish The Internal Fears, Insecurity and Hopelessness That Are Holding You Back From Love – Now And Forever

Can you think of a time or experience with a man when you KNEW it was YOU who screwed up? Maybe you got a little freaked out or jealous over something small, and you lost control over your emotions and drove your man away.

Or perhaps you became paralyzed with fear that the guy in your life wouldn’t like you, get tired of you, or that he’ll leave you for someone else.

Have you ever met a great man and found yourself thinking about him all the time? You find yourself so afraid that you’ll lose him that you start emailing, calling, and trying to secretly know what he is doing at all times.

Or maybe you keep attracting the wrong men… men who want to be mothered, who want you to give up your friends and hobbies to be at his beck and call. Do you find yourself giving up your life just to make him happy, because you are afraid of the alternative?

Or perhaps you’ve gotten so sad about the lack of love in your life that you’ve begun to feel that you don’t deserve love from an exceptional man who truly cares about you.

These situations are incredibly painful, not just because it often causes the man you like to run away… but because you know, deep down, that it was YOU who messed up!

It wasn’t him. Or the the situation. Or the full moon. It was your feelings and actions that drove him away.

You could feel that you were out of control of yourself and the situation, and you could feel your emotions and fear were taking over… but you just couldn’t get CONTROL of yourself.

You knew it was bad, and you knew it was driving him away, but couldn’t help it.

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End The Fears & Insecurities That Hold You Back From Love – Now And Forever
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A Man Can’t Fix Your Problem… Only YOU Can

When faced with these difficult realizations, what do you do?

Are you secretly waiting for the RIGHT MAN to show up who will see past the fear, anxiety, and out of control emotions and instead love you for who you are?

That if you could just meet the right man, all of your problems, fears, and disappointments would simply go away?

I think we’ve all felt this way at one time or another. It’s nice and comforting to think that one day we will all meet the love of our lives and live happily ever after. In fact, this fairytale has been burned into our minds since we were all very young.

Only problem is… that’s not going to happen.

It is very dangerous to allow ourselves to believe this fairy tale, because it allows us to overlook the real source of the problem.

Now pay attention, because what I am about to tell you is BIG:

Your fear, anxiety, insecurity and out of control emotions won’t be SOLVED by a great man. They are the REASON you haven’t found it him yet.

Many of us hold onto a subconscious belief that someone is going to come along and see us for who we truly are inside, recognize our beauty, and accept us wholly for who we are.

And while this does happen every once in awhile, the reality is if YOU aren’t the one who sees and recognizes it YOURSELF first, then the odds of someone else coming along and doing it are very small.

Just like you probably don’t want to be a “mother” to a man, man also doesn’t want a woman who is going to want a “daddy” to take care of her.

No way.

A real man… the kind of man you want to be with… is looking for a woman: a lover, a queen, a goddess.

Someone to love him and challenge him. Not someone who he has to try and “fix.”

However, in order to be that mature, attractive, confident woman, you need to learn how to take control of your emotions and break through the emotional and psychological barriers that are keeping you from a happy relationship with the man of your dreams.

But dealing with our internal demons is some of the hardest work we can do.

Our fears and insecurities are deep rooted, and often hidden from our own consciousness. Getting rid of them requires help.

That’s where I come in.

Stop Pushing Love Away: Transform Yourself Into Into A Love Magnet

I like to think of your own emotional and internal state as a kind of “magnet“ when it comes to your relationship.

When you don’t know what you want, what to do, and know what’s going on inside you… then you don’t have a very strong “charge“ to your own internal magnet.

And you don’t have much ability to pull things towards you without a whole lot of work.

But when you get yourself in “alignment“ and are in the right internal and emotional state, you start to create a very powerful change or force that instantly draws things to you.

My Ready For Love program is THE GUIDE any woman can use to “re-align“ herself so that she’ll pull the right man, the right situations, and the right relationship to her.

You know that feeling when you’re “in the groove“ and things just come to you, one after the other? It’s like there’s a powerful force that is bringing happiness and good things into your life and your day. But it’s NOT an external force – it’s an internal force that you can magnify to draw happiness and love to you EVERY DAY.

You can very quickly “align“ with this powerful force inside you when it comes to true and lasting LOVE… and that’s exactly where my program can help you out.

Wouldn’t knowing how to find that more balanced place – where emotional fulfillment, love, and joy come easier – give you back the confidence and certainty you know you want and need… regardless of what challenges come at you in your relationship?

Would it be nice to no longer be racked with jealousy, fear, insecurity and worry? In addition to learning how to permanently banish these feelings from your life, you’ll learn:

  • How to quickly identify and permanently eliminate any self-destructive habits you may have that are spoiling your chances of creating an open, loving relationship with the man you want
  • You know that unexplainable feeling you get when you just know a man is right for you? Well guess what… MEN get these feelings too. Here’s how to trigger them
  • A simple but powerful 6-step exercise that allows you to get over any past bad situation or experience that’s still bothering you in just 10 minutes… and permanently expel it from your mind
  • How to say goodbye to “girl“ mentality and start thinking and acting like the kind of mature, whole woman that the right man for you is looking for
  • How to tap into and bring out the magical center of essence inside of you… giving yourself a powerful aura of CONFIDENCE and WARMTH that Mr. Right can’t help but notice…
  • How to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed by the deadly enemies of jealousy, fear and sadness… so you can keep a clear mind and always do what’s best for your relationship
  • How to avoid the mistake of getting love and affection from the nearest man instead of the right man
  • 6 things women to do distract themselves from the feeling of loneliness that comes from not being in a loving relationship that actually prevent them from ever finding a loving relationship
  • 7 Deadly mistakes that turn a man off instantly and let him know you are not a secure woman (you could probably get away with making 1 of these mistakes, but make 2 or more and he will be ready to move on instantly…)

This program wouldn’t be complete without some of the world’s best sharing their personal secrets to help you bring the love into your life that you want…

I was privileged to have four amazing guest speakers join me in Ready For Love , and they’ll share their thoughts, strategies and tactics for eliminating your own personal roadblocks and creating the foundation for a strong, connected relationship.

In Ready For Love, You’ll Learn:

Section 1 – Taking A Close Look At You

Section 1: Taking A Close Look At You

  • The key questions that will help you identify your top problem areas with men
  • What to do when you feel like you can make anything happen except love
  • How to prime your mind to help you find the relationship you want
  • The fatal mistake many women make when trying to find love
  • 3 steps to avoid appearing needy or desperate in a man’s eyes
Section 2 – Opening Up To Love

Section 2: Opening Up To Love

  • Common things women do to get love that pushes men away
  • Identifying and dismantling the fears that work against you in relationships
  • The real measure of compatibility in a relationship
  • The universal and essential relationship values
  • The self-defeating thinking and behavior that keep you stuck in negative patterns
Section 3 – What He’s Looking For

Section 3: What He’s Looking For

  • Why you keep running into the same relationship problems
  • How to become more attractive to men by improving your life
  • How to communicate in a confident and centered way with a man
  • How to feed your heart, body, and mind for true happiness
  • The greatest secret to well-being and strong decision making
Section 4 – Advice From My Guest Experts

Section 4 and 5: Advice From My Guest Experts

  • The personal alchemy that will truly open you up to receiving love
  • How to let go of past pain so you can create the love life you want
  • How to identify a truly emotionally mature man
  • Why your weaknesses point the way to your greatest assets with men
  • What to do if you keep finding men you have to fix and improve

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Customer Feedback

  • Tools for change… Christian Carter taught me some essential ways to feed my body, feed my mind and feed my soul… The most interesting and valuable thing that I’ve learned was that I have created a negative pattern in my relationships, and now that I recognize what the pattern is, I can change it.”

  • I’ve grown so much… From Christian I have learned how to empower myself to be able to step out and make the first move and be in control with any man I am interested in. I no longer have to wait for relationships to come into my life; I can now make things happen for myself.”

  • Valuable realizations… Christian’s material is totally different from all the other relationship advice books that I have ever read. The others always seem to want to show me a new way to change myself, but Christian’s material teaches me how to enhance the woman that I already am.”

This program contains exactly what you need to transform yourself into the type of woman who magnetically attracts exactly the right kind of man into her life… and lets him know instantly that she is the best possible choice for him.

Don’t spend another day intentionally pushing love away. You CAN be in control of your romantic destiny. Try Ready For Love and start learning how.

Your friend in life and love,

Christian Carter

Monthly Payment Plan

5 payments of:

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1 Easy Payment


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