Learn How to Attract Mr. Right and Make Him Beg You For A Commitment

Secrets Most Women Will Never Know About Dating, Love & Relationships

Have you ever wondered if there is some kind of secret formula for getting a man to see YOU as the one woman he can’t live without?

Or for finally understanding what’s going on in his mind – and what he’s REALLY thinking about you and your relationship?

Some people might tell you that there’s no secret – that every man is different. But the truth is there are certain universal truths that explain why a man will pick another woman over you.

Or why you can do everything “right” with a man, yet he still doesn’t see that you’re a catch. Or why a man will come on strong, tell you that you’re the most amazing woman he’s ever met, and then completely disappear from your life.

Why did he do that? Was it him? Was it something you did? What if you could go back and change something – would things have turned out differently?

A man can often do things that drive you crazy. But what I’m about to share will help you see more clearly WHY he’ll do these things, and more importantly, what makes a man stick around for the long term.

The Secret To Attracting And Keeping The Right Guy

I’d like to ask you a few questions. Please be open and honest with yourself as you answer them…

Have you ever met a guy who seemed to be “Mr. Right,” but after getting to know him better you could tell that he just didn’t feel that same level of connection for you?

You were attracted to him, but he just wasn’t into you the same way you were into him?

In your mind, you could sense what a great guy he was, and that, somewhere deep inside, you both shared this strong chemistry that made you feel close and comfortable with each other. But for some reason he didn’t want to truly connect with you.

Another question…

Have you ever slept with a guy very quickly after meeting him, but as it started to happen you got that sinking feeling in your stomach? And then the thing you feared would happen actually happened: He inexplicably disappeared from your life. Honestly, have you ever had this happen?

Of course, the worst part wasn’t that it happened, but that you KNEW you shouldn’t have done it in the first place… but you did it anyway.

And finally:

Have you ever dated a great guy for a long time… I’m talking about six months, twelve months, or maybe even longer… and it was getting to the point where you needed to have “the talk” with him. But when you tried to bring up the topic of having a relationship and making a bigger commitment, his eyes just glazed over… and then he became distant from you… and the relationship ended soon after?

You were trying to get CLOSER to him, and somehow he kept moving farther AWAY from you.

Have any of these things ever happened to you?

I’m guessing that when one of these things happened, your girlfriends said things like: “He’s just a jerk, forget about him.” Or they said: “He doesn’t see the mistake he’s making or what he’ll be missing.” But he never seemed to see these mistakes… or even miss you.

And the worst part of all: You kept thinking about it.

In fact, it really GOT TO YOU. And I’ll bet the REASON why it got to you is because you worried that it might have been something to do with YOU (and not just because he was a total jerk).

In fact, TO THIS DAY you still have the feeling that you may have done something to push him away… and if you would have known the RIGHT thing to do, things would have turned out differently…

Here is one of the secrets to Attracting And Keeping A Great Guy…

The main PROBLEM here, and the thing that stood in your way, is that men aren’t easy to understand. And when you find a good man, he doesn’t come with an “instruction manual.”

What’s more, great guys are hard to find… and when you do find one, you can’t afford to lose him, throw away a good six months, a year… or even LONGER… and risk losing what could be a valuable relationship… just because you didn’t know how to handle a particular situation.

These situations are MOST difficult and dangerous when you meet a REALLY GREAT guy, but you don’t know how to make that deeper, lasting connection that drives him wild with attraction and has him begging YOU for a commitment.

Let’s face it, great guys are hard to find… and when you do find one, you want to do everything you can to give the relationship a chance to grow and blossom.

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Understand Him Like No Other Woman Has And He’ll Never Want To Let You Go

With all this, there is some good news here… I personally believe that there IS something you can do about all of this: You can LEARN how to understand men and get them to open up and understand you better.

You can learn how to attract the right man and catch his lasting love, and you can KEEP that love going strong once you get how men work.

And how do I know this? Well, because I AM a guy. And I’ve been in all the situations I just mentioned to you…

I’ve seen it from a man’s perspective. I’ve been in those difficult “places” in dating, relationships, and love, too.

And I’ve seen my mom go through heartbreak after heartbreak for YEARS when she was single and dating. I’ve seen my friends going through breakups, divorce, disappointment.

What I realize now is that much of this could have been avoided if women understood more about where men were coming from.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to show women exactly how to attract the right man into their life and make a truly loving and lasting relationship a reality.

I’ve even helped women who have tried for years to fix their relationship create a complete 180 degree shift in their man the moment they started using my tips.

Learn The Secret Psychology That Makes Him Want You

Would you like to skip all of the dead-end “dating” most women have to go through… and instead, fall right into the arms of the man you really want?

Would you like to learn how to captivate a man with your words and connect with him from your heart… and never have to worry about him just wanting to be with you for sex again?

Would you like to have an almost “unfair” advantage over all other women when it comes to meeting and attracting the man you want? Including those women who might be prettier and younger than you?

Are you tired of dealing with men who never really commit?

Do you want to break out of the destructive cycle of meeting men, dating them, getting into relationships, quitting things that you like to do… only to end up breaking up with the guy and feeling like you wasted your precious love and your life away on him?

Do you ever feel like you just can’t find the right man for you… and if you did… that he might not be attracted to YOU?

Or is there a man in your life NOW with whom you would like to take things from “casual” to deeply “committed,” but you’re not sure exactly how to do it?

Or are you in a relationship right now that seems to be growing “stale…” because your man doesn’t do the nice things for you that he used to do in the beginning? He doesn’t call you as much, or make plans the way he used to… and you’d like a fast and easy way to get things back to the way they used to be?

If you answered, “YES” to any of these questions, then I have some exciting news for you…

I’ve found that once you understand a little bit of the “secret psychology” of these situations, and more importantly, you simply learn a few of the right things to DO and SAY to your man to handle a few or more critical situations that are the ones that cause men to withdraw, or on the other hand, fall more deeply in love with you… then you can CATCH the man of your dreams, and then KEEP his love for the long term

Now, here’s one of the fascinating things that I’ve discovered after doing research, studying and observing both healthy relationships that go the distance, and observing dead-end relationships that go nowhere:

There Are 3 Deadly Mistakes MOST Women Make With Men Without Even Realizing It

These 3 mistakes are responsibles for more failed dates and relationships than any other factors.

Here they are:

Mistake #1: Leading A Man To Think You Are “Needy” And “Insecure” Even If You Are Not

Did you know that there are 6 ways you can set off a man’s “Insecurity Signal” and make him think twice about pursuing a relationship with you?

Sadly, even confident women often “accidentally” give off one of these signals… and just one can kill the chance of a man asking you on a second date or thinking about a lasting relationship with you.

I’m going to share with you a few of these signals men pick up on as “needy” and unattractive. Ask yourself if YOU have ever been a little bit guilty of doing any of these things:

Needy Signal #1 – Saying Nasty Things About Your Past Boyfriends

Saying bad things about men you have been involved with, actually reflects negatively back on YOU. It makes a man worry you are carrying around “baggage” that HE will have to deal with should he become involved with you.

Needy Signal #2 – Speaking Negatively About Other Women

When women call other women who they see as a “threat” names like “slut,” “bitch,” and “crazy,” it doesn’t impress a guy. In fact, it puts YOU in a bad light in his eyes. This just makes a man think you are trying to cover up your own insecurities, and looking for validation and attention. And you’re doing it in a negative way.

Needy Signal #3: Too Much Physical Contact, Especially In Public

If you are constantly hanging on a man or touching him too much he’ll start to see it as clingy behavior, especially if he hasn’t initiated the attention or the affection… but you’ll never hear him complain, even if he’s feeling negatively about it. So, it’s far better to save your touches for short and infrequent moments that will surprise and enchant him, which lets him know those moments are special

Now, the other 3 “Insecurity Signals” of the 6 that I told you about, are far more desctructive, but less obvious… and it’s important that you learn what they are and how to avoid giving them off. But before I show you what they are, let’s talk about mistake #2:

Mistake #2: Appealing To His “Sexual” Side Instead Of His Emotional Side

Many women make the mistake of thinking that men are primarily driven by sex alone… and they think if they can attract a man SEXUALLY they will be able to attract him EMOTIONALLY as well.

Women too often give up sex to a man in the hopes that it will translate into a relationship and get them what they want.

In reality, a man has the capacity to view a sexual connection and an emotional connection as two entirely different things, and it requires a special set of skills to mold these two things together in a man’s mind… and keep them connected and that’s what creates a great relationship for a man.

Men are out for far more than just sex… and a woman who knows how to fulfill a man EMOTIONALLY and SEXUALLY will be the woman who captures a man’s heart… and gets that same fulfillment for HERSELF in return. In a moment. I’ll reveal how to do just that.

Mistake #3: Not Knowing How To Size Up A Man’s “Relationship Potential”

A lot of women will decide whether or not they should put energy and attention into building a relationship with a man based on ATTRACTION.

Yes, attraction is very important. But it can also be DANGEROUS.

When we feel a strong sense of attraction for someone, it can cause us to override our logic and ignore our instincts… leading us to overlook a potential partner’s faults that could spell trouble down the road.

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a relationship that is dragging you down, this is probably why.

It’s important to be able to size a guy up and spot any “warning signs” of a future bad relationship FAST… so you don’t waste any of your time or emotional energy on someone who isn’t right for you… or who will leave you heartbroken. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy thing to do once you know how, and I’d like to show you how…

The ONLY Guide You’ll Ever Need For Understanding Your Man And Creating A Rock-Solid Relationship

Inside my book, Catch Him & Keep Him eBook, I’m going to take you by the hand, and show you step-by-step how to catch that great guy, and then how to KEEP him around for the long term…

If you’re looking for the real… the genuine… no B.S. ways to make a man crazy for you, get what you want out of your relationships – and at the same time – avoid any of the traps and mistakes that could cost you a lifetime of lost love, this could be the most important book you’ll ever read.

My eBook, Catch Him & Keep Him eBook, is jam–packed with fascinating, real-world tips, step-by-step how-to’s and time–tested relationship tools that will completely transform your love life.

This is the only book of its kind… and you won’t find these secrets anywhere else.

This is THE BOOK I wish any woman who wants a satisfying, rock–solid relationship would read… and read often.

Inside are the secrets every man WISHES a woman would know about how to win his love and his heart… and they will bring strength, affection, attention, and love to all who learn them.

  • First you’ll learn the big mistake women make when having “the talk” and asking a man about the relationship that is guaranteed to make things WORSE and have a man withdraw… and I’ll show you what to say instead
  • How to use powerful emotional “triggers” to practically FORCE a man to fall for you (He’ll know you’re “the one” for him once you use these)
  • I’ll teach you what I call the “Relationship Balance” – How to connect his emotions with yours and send chemistry levels into overdrive (You won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other) If you want a great relationship, you have to get it into balance and stop being the pursuer
  • I’ll also show you the REAL reason why men want sexual variety (And what you can do to make him want YOU and ONLY YOU, and be very satisfied)
  • You’ll learn how to break the seemingly never-ending cycle of “fast-fizzling” relationships, and why men are so hot and cold, and what he needs to feel for it to last
  • I’ll show you the secret for what I call “Emotional Attraction” – It’s a powerful way to keep a man interested and crazy for you for as long as you want him. Long after the initial physical attraction starts to wear off
  • I’ll teach you the “needy signals” that will kill a man’s attraction instantly and for good (and if you don’t know what it is, chance are you’re probably giving off this signal, even if you don’t consider yourself a needy person)
  • You’ll learn exactly what to do when he doesn’t call you back (This one will surprise you, but it works like magic)
  • I’ll show you the secrets women who are “naturally” good with men use to whip “unavailable” men into shape (now, it always surprised me that more women don’t use this, because it’s surprisingly simple)
  • I’ll show you the 3 deadly “enemies of attraction” that scare a man off FAST and FOREVER… no matter how much he was into you to begin with
  • The 6 signs that he’s “relationship ready.” If you don’t know how to spot these, you’ll constantly be falling for emotionally unavailable men.
  • I’ll decipher all of the “Guy Talk” for you, and show you how to know what he really means. Especially in those frustrating times when he hardly says anything
  • You’ll learn the exact amount of time you should wait to have sex with a man if you want it to turn into something more (now, some men will HATE ME for revealing this, but it’s just too important and it’s the truth about real relationships)
  • The #1 Rule you must set with a man from the very beginning if you want to have a serious relationship with him
  • I’ll also show you how to make a man’s reasons for not committing to you suddenly mean nothing to him (when you do this, he will be the one begging you for more)

I’ll show you lots more in my eBook… too much to share here, but it’s time for you to make a choice: Are you finally ready to experience the love you deserve?

Or, are you going to continue to struggle in the same way – pouring your heart out for just a few scraps of love and affection here and there?

The tips and tools in my eBook are going to save you years of time and frustration by giving you the how to’s of what to SAY and DO with a man. Whether you’re single, dating, or in a relationship or a marriage… you’ll find the ways to turn things around and get what you want from your man, in an easy, step-by-step format.

Change Your Luck In Love – Starting Now

Once you start putting what you learn to use, you’ll see IMMEDIATE changes with the man in your life.

Most women go through their entire lives never learning how to get what they truly want from their relationships.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you really can learn how to attract the kind of man that you’ve always wanted, and have him show you his love and devotion every day… and finally experience a lasting relationship free of any withdrawal or uncertainty?

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars? More?

For most women I know, this would be priceless.

This much is for sure: Sometime in your life you WILL cross the path of the right man for you. Maybe you’ve met him already… and he’s already in your life now…

The question is, do you know exactly what to do and say to take things in the direction they are meant to go? Or are you going to let this opportunity slip by and never know what might have been?

Do you want to even consider the chance that you’ll be frustrated and heartbroken again and again… and never get the help and answers you need?

Or do you want to get this area of your life IN CONTROL and learn what works – so you can make the most of your time, energy, and your love?

I have one final thought to share with you.

If you don’t make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there’s a very very small chance that you’re going to do anything about it in the future… and a very good chance you’ll be stuck in the same “dead-end” cycle and patterns forever…

Don’t let that happen to you! It’s time to get this part of your life handled!

I’d like to show you how to find, attract, and keep the man you’ve always wanted…

Have you ever read a romance novel about a strong-willed woman who met a tough, sexy, kind of “dangerous” alpha-male man… and over the course of the story, she “tamed” him and won him over… and made him fall completely and hopelessly` in love with her… to the point where he wanted to be with her FOREVER?

We’ve all heard this one before… but does it ever happen in real life? The answer is YES.

Great guys get snagged all the time. Secretly ALL MEN want to find a woman that gives them that “forever” feeling… and when they do, they want to keep her all for themselves.

So how does this happen? How does a woman give a man that feeling that lets him know that she’s “the one” for him?

Well… as you can imagine… most guys don’t really think about this stuff.

And even if they did… just as you don’t want to have to tell a man how to win your heart and how to turn you on, a man doesn’t want to tell you how to make him fall in love with you.

Like you, he just wants it to HAPPEN.

The bottom line is this: Some women know secrets that other women do not.

Some seem to know them almost “instinctively,” while others figure them out over time through trial and error, after making many mistakes.

I’ve compiled these secrets in my eBook, and I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you.

The information in this eBook will save you years of disappointment, missed love opportunities and wasted energy. Most women go through their entire lives never learning how to get what they truly want from their relationships. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

Will it work for everybody? Of course not.

But let me ask you this: What if there’s even a chance that this book can actually teach you how to meet a wonderful man and make him want to be with you forever?

What if you really can learn how to attract the kind of man that you’ve always wanted and finally experience that loving relationship you deserve?

Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of special once-in-a-lifetime relationship would be worth the investment.

I know that when that time comes for you, you’ll look back on this moment and be glad you made this investment in yourself.

Have you ever really thought about what your IDEAL relationship will be like?

Will you find love, and feel loved by a wonderful man who cherishes you?

Will he listen to you, make you feel attractive and beautiful, and constantly remind you of how stunning and sexy you are to him?

Will you share a deep emotional bond with him… and be the one he opens up to and looks to for support and inspiration?

Will you experience your dream of lifelong romance and never-ending passion?

Will you one day get married and start a family?

Would you love to have a man in your life who is fully committed to you, a man who treats you well and makes you feel special, gives you comfort and security… and doesn’t neglect the simple things like asking how your day was?

I want to see this all happen for you. But it’s up to you to take the next step.

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Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Let’s make it happen.

If You’re Not 100% Thrilled With My eBook I’ll Refund Your Investment – No Questions Asked

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My eBook Includes:

Part 1: Inside The Mind of a Man (All About HIM)

  • Why emotional attraction is critical in bonding a man to you
  • What men are really looking for in a woman
  • Stepping into the shoes of a great catch
  • How to tell if a man is truly ready for a healthy relationship
  • What he’s really thinking while dating you

Part 2: The Kind of Woman He Needs (All About YOU)

  • Change your internal state, change your relationship dynamics
  • How to set yourself apart from other women
  • Emotional habits that draw him in and make him want to stay
  • How to be the chooser in your relationships
  • Using your emotions to bring him closer to you

Part 3: Your Amazing Relationship (All About YOU & HIM TOGETHER)

  • How to flip his commitment switch so he’ll want only you
  • The key to effortless communication – and how to open him up
  • How a man wants you to talk with him
  • How to get more out of your relationship by doing less
  • Inspire him to be the best man he can be for you

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Go Inside The Mind Of A Man – Risk-Free For 7 Days

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All the happiness in life and love,

Jason Stedman

Go Inside The Mind Of A Man – Risk-Free For 7 Days

eBook + Audio Bundle

Best Value!


eBook Version