Here’s Exactly What To Do In “Make Or Break” Moments That Determine If Your Man Falls More Deeply In Love, Or Changes His Mind & Leaves

If you want lasting success in your relationships, you need to master the moments in which your relationship is either made or lost.

The moments when a man either falls more deeply in love, or starts losing attraction and considers leaving.

The moments when he starts acting differently with you and his feelings begin to change.

Do you know what these 15 Moments are?

And more importantly… do you know how to handle each Moment with a man to make sure you grow closer in these moments?

Part of the secret to being the one woman a man can’t help but want to be with is being the one woman who handles these critical Moments with your man in an amazing way other women can’t and don’t.

These 15 Moments are the critical points where the “wheels come off” and most men start feeling differently about a woman, EVEN IF they were interested or committed before…

They are:

Moment #1: Meeting A Man & Catching His Interest

The reality is that there are a lot of attractive, single men out there in the world. But unless you know both WHERE to find them, and HOW to get their interest in a way that compels them to ask you out, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

In my program I show you the secrets to attracting a man from afar, starting conversations and making it EASY for a man to ask you out. For this Moment you’ll learn not just the subtle “cues” of courtship and flirting, but how to use these effortlessly to catch the attention of the man you want.

Moment #2: How To Tell If He’s Interested

Whether you know it or not, men don’t talk about their feelings right away when they’re interested. Instead, they give subtle SIGNS. If you don’t know how to identify and respond to these signs, it’s very confusing and nearly impossible to grow close with a man.

Moment #3: Picking the Right Man

You don’t want to waste your time on a man who’s not going to treat you well in the long-run. Luckily, there are several real-world easy-to-read signs of a man who can go the distance and who won’t disappear on you the moment things get interesting.

You need to know exactly what to look for in a man to figure out if he’s really relationship material or is just another disaster waiting to happen.

Moment #4: The First Date

Most women approach first dates as if they’re all about getting to know a man and seeing if there’s chemistry. The truth is that chemistry is the easy part that no one has to work or qualify for. It’s either there, or it isn’t.

In fact, the whole purpose is to explore if there’s true compatibility between you, dialing up the attraction he feels for you, and setting up a loving and truly HONEST connection that’s about knowing the TRUTH about each other instead of pretending to be someone you’re not.

Moment #5: He Doesn’t Call You Back

You had a fantastic date. You laughed, you felt that chemistry and connection, and then he said he’d call and set up another date. But days go by and you don’t hear from him. No e-mails, no texts, no calls – nothing. You don’t understand. Things were going so well, so why doesn’t he call you?

There are 3 reasons why a man doesn’t call, and knowing these will show you what’s really going on in a man’s mind on the first few dates and how to make sure he is dying to call you.

Moment #6: He’s Hot & Cold

You’ve seeing a man for a while, but he swings from making plans and spending time with you and wanting to be with you… to not calling, acting strange and distant. Most women in this situation accidentally do and say the exact things that push a man farther away, turns him off and shuts down the doors of communication on both sides.

Don’t stay in the dark on what this Moment is really about with a man. Learn what it means when a man is hot and cold, and what the exact steps you can take to get rid of this annoying pattern and bring you and the man in your life close and together for good.

Moment #7: Becoming Exclusive

You’ve been dating long enough that you want to be intimate, but are worried about whether or not he’s intimate with OTHER women. For a man, nothing is assumed, and unless you’ve had a conversation with him about it, it’s likely he’s not yet exclusive.

That’s why you need to know how to move with a man into an Exclusive relationship, and do it without the mishaps and confusion that usually occur. In fact, there’s a way to do it so a man will value and cherish you even more as a result of the conversation.

Moment #8: Making The Long-Term Commitment Together

You’re in love with a man and you hope that it’s “going somewhere.” You’re ready to settle down into a long-term and committed relationship. But for some reason, your once loving man grows quiet and distant.

There is a way to have the commitment talk and share your needs so you and your man both truly commit and move forward in a loving and CONSCIOUS way. But this is easier said than done, and I’ll show you how.

Moment #9: He Says He’s “Not Ready”

You’re feeling great – adored, hopeful and excited. Then BAM, he tells you he’s been thinking, and he’s just NOT READY to move the relationship forward. You don’t understand WHY he’s saying this, and you feel extremely frustrated.

It’s critical to avoid falling into the trap of a half-committed relationship for months or years trying to convince him to feel differently. You need to use this as an opportunity to communicate YOUR NEEDS rather than fighting him. Incredibly, this is exactly what pulls a man into shape and gets him to recognize the value of what he’s got in you.

Moment #10: He Won’t Open Up And Share His Feelings

A relationship has no hope if one partner keeps shutting down and stuffing their feelings inside. Men often don’t come with this skill of being truly open and bringing their deeper feelings to the surface, but if you’re going to have a lasting relationship that is in any way fulfilling for you, then you HAVE TO stop this pattern of your man shutting down.

It’s easy and no longer your burden to try and fix – once you learn the steps to creating this shift. I’ll show you how.

Moment #11: The On-Again, Off-Again Relationship

He breaks up with you and you feel completely awful – until he contacts you and says he’s been “thinking” about things and wants to talk. You give him another chance, but then days or weeks later, he dumps you AGAIN. What’s going on here? Should you get back with him?

In this Moment, I’ll reveal the two types of men who do this, what it says about them, and how to prevent your relationship from slipping into this painful pattern ever again

Moment #12: You’re Accidentally Pushing Him Away

Sometimes when things are going well in relationships, our own feelings get in the way. You’re scared of getting hurt, or making a mistake. You worry that he won’t care for your feelings or ultimately be there for you. He senses your fear, your problem being vulnerable, your hesitance…and it pushes him away. The more this happens, the worse you feel and the more you find yourself being off-center emotionally. You hurt all over again. That’s why you need to learn how to handle these emotions so YOU aren’t the one who gets in the way of your relationship

Moment #13: He’s Spending Less Time With You

You thought things were going well, but now he seems to want to spend more time AWAY from you than with you. He calls less and is busier at work and with friends.

There’s a right way to handle this so that you are brought closer together and he feels compelled to make you a top priority. You need to master how to do this so you don’t unintentionally scare him away.

Moment #14: Share Your Feelings Without Scaring Him Away

You have something on your mind that you want to talk to your man about. It’s important, it’s serious, and it’s driving you crazy because you’re not sure whether or not you CAN share your feelings without scaring him away.

There are two critical pieces to this moment: how you share it so you get the best response, and how you use this opportunity to make sure he is capable of listening to your true feelings and receiving them in a mature way.

Moment #15: How Do I Get Him Back?

You can’t get him out of your mind and heart, and you want to know how to get him back. But you aren’t sure what to say or how to win his heart all over again.

There are 5 Requirements you MUST, MUST, MUST follow if you’re even thinking of trying to get your relationship back together with a man. Without them, your relationship is guaranteed to fail once again, for most of the same reasons. I can show you how to set things up to actually give yourself and your relationship a real chance at change and success this time around.

15 Critical Moments That Determine If He Falls In Love (Or Runs Away)

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Putting It All Together: A Complete Guide Map To Each Critical Moment In Your Relationship

Now that you know what these critical Moments are with men, the decision is yours:

Are you going to give yourself the map to make things EASY?

Or… are you going to keep struggling and hoping that things just work out on their own, or by finding the perfect relationship and perfect man?

If you’ve decided that you don’t want to risk having your relationship go off the rails by one of these situations, you should check out my program, Mastering Make Or Break Moments With Men.

I’ve laid out the exact steps, how-to’s and techniques all in plain and easy to understand language that shows you EXACTLY what to say and do and how to handle these situations.

Not only will you finally get how to handle these Moments with a man, but you’ll also be able to identify some of the patterns and weak strategies that are holding you back, and turn them into positive areas that bring more love into your life.

Altogether, you’ll get over 75 specific tips or tools showing you exactly what to do and say to attract and compel a man to move the relationship forward, including:

  • The 4 big reasons a man will run “hot and cold” with you, one of which has to do with a secret, subconscious issue HE has. Learn how to use this information to figure out if he’s the right man for you and stop the “cold” pattern of withdrawal.
  • The 3 tools to help you move past your unconscious, destructive patterns that are literally PUSHING a man away, so you can finally experience the love and happiness you deserve, without risking your heart and soul to a man who won’t be there for you.
  • The 3 big mistakes a woman makes when she’s involved with an on-again, off-again relationship that never gets her what she wants… and what to do instead to get him back – for good.
  • How to follow your heart and communicate your requirements with a man instead of begging him to meet your needs, so that you don’t end up in a painful and confusing on-again, off-again relationship with him.
  • The 3 tools that use subtle visual and physical “cues” to catch a man’s interest and make it easy for him to approach you – that have nothing to do with what kind of conversation you have with a man.
  • The 6 Ways to Flirt that can either spark INTEREST in a man or downright TURN HIM OFF. Learn what these are and how to flirt in a way that completely intrigues a man to want to ask you out.
  • How to gauge a man’s interest based on how he stands next to you, what kind of activity he suggests for a date, and how many days he waits to call you back.
  • The one sure indicator that a man is interested in you BEFORE he even asks you on a date – because this one is very “risky” and a man will only do it if he’s into you.
  • A natural way to find out a man man’s VALUES on the first few dates (whether he’s interested in marriage, family and a committed monogamous relationship). And how to do this without freaking him out or embarrassing yourself in the process.

In Mastering Make Or Break Moments With Men, You’ll Learn:

Section 1 – Prepare To Meet The Right Man

Section 1: Prepare To Meet The Right Man

  • The 3 stages of a relationship – from that first meeting to a long-term commitment
  • A man’s fear when he first meets you – and how to make it easy for him to approach you
  • How to use visualization to set the stage for attracting a great guy
  • The 6 “channels” of flirting that will open the door to connection
  • How to make a man think it was his idea to make a move
Section 2 – Making The Most Out Of Your Early Encounters

Section 2: Making The Most Out Of Your Early Encounters

  • How to make a great first impression so a man can’t wait to get to know you
  • 4 ways to gauge whether a man is truly interested in you
  • How to tell the difference between a quality man and an immature one
  • The 3 must-know “truths” about a man and his values
  • The 3 reasons men don’t call back (there’s only one you can’t control)
Section 3 – Creating The Solid Connection

Section 3: Creating The Solid Connection

  • The magic attitude men can’t resist (and how it can get you the relationship you deserve)
  • 5 surprising tools that will stop a man from wanting to pull away from you
  • Signs that tell you you’re dealing with a selfish or immature man
  • 6 counterproductive behaviors that scare a man away
  • The self-protective strategies that are setting you up to fail with men
Section 4 – Advice From My Guest Experts

Section 4: Advice From My Guest Experts

  • How you can use conflict to your advantage with a man
  • How to use humor to express your needs and set boundaries with a man
  • What to say to a man before you decide to get physically intimate
  • What makes men see you as girlfriend material rather than a fling

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15 Critical Moments That Determine If He Falls In Love (Or Runs Away)

4+ hours of revealing audio advice

25+ workbook pages of insights

Streaming and downloadable versions

Immediate Access on all devices

Money-Back Guarantee

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Only $109 (best value!)
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When you go through this program, you’ll master the 15 make-or-break moments with men and finally have an easy time growing a fun and loving relationship that doesn’t crack when tough situations come up.

Instead, you’ll actually grow closer with the man in your life, and he’ll fall more deeply in love with you because of the way you’re able to be with him in EVERY moment.

Too many women lose out on a great guy because they don’t know what to do and say during the common situations that are bound to come up over the course of a relationship. When this happens, a woman can feel powerless… as if finding love with a great guy just isn’t going to happen for her.

There’s no reason why this should happen to you, and I’m excited to show you how YOU can take control of your love life, starting now.

All the happiness in life and love,

Jason Stedman

15 Critical Moments That Determine If He Falls In Love (Or Runs Away)

4+ hours of revealing audio advice

25+ workbook pages of insights

Streaming and downloadable versions

Immediate Access on all devices

Money-Back Guarantee

♥ ♥ ♥

Only $109 (best value!)
or 3 payments of $39