If You Don’t Know What Your Man Is Thinking, Then He’s Probably Thinking Of Leaving…

Here’s How To Find Out Exactly What’s Going On In His Head So You Can Re-Ignite His Love And Create An Intimate Connection That Lasts A Lifetime… Even If He’s Already Thinking Of Leaving

Ask any woman what makes a relationship successful, and almost all of them will mention one common thing: COMMUNICATION.

That’s because when you and your man are able to share open, honest communication with each other you create a rock-solid foundation that is nearly impossible to break.

Rough spots aren’t the cause of distance in a relationship. It’s how you handle them that matters. In fact, with good communication, a “rough spot” can actually bring you closer together, further building trust and connection.

Unfortunately, creating open, honest communication isn’t easy. In fact, the man is often unhelpful and seemingly unable to create that kind of dynamic.

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Most women run into one of the following two challenges when trying to communicate with their man:

1. He Doesn’t Listen

Do you ever feel like what you say to your man goes in one ear and out the other?

Maybe you’ve asked him nicely to take out the trash every Tuesday for the past 10 weeks… yet every Wednesday morning you wake up to find it hasn’t happened…

Of course, the trash isn’t a big deal. What IS a big deal is that he just isn’t listening and doesn’t seem to care.

And then the same thing happens when you try to share something meaningful… like where your relationship is going or something that’s upsetting you… only to find he seems to care more about who won the ballgame or what’s for dinner!

This can be INSANELY frustrating… and the worst thing is he doesn’t even seem to care that it makes you feel this way.

2. He Doesn’t Talk

Have you ever known your man was upset about something and asked him what was wrong… and he simply replied with, “Nothing” and walked away?

You KNEW something was going on… but instead of wanting to talk about it and share his feelings… he simply shut down… and left you to try and “guess” what was bothering him and how to fix it. It’s hard enough to fix the actual problem… but now you’ve also got a passive aggressive problem to deal with on TOP of the actual problem!

Unfortunately, the things most women do to try to “fix” these frustrating situations gets them nowhere.

They may try to share LESS of their feelings because they don’t see the point in trying.

I think you know that this isn’t the answer.

Other women try to overcompensate and communicate MORE.

But if you’re not communicating with him in a way that is WORKING… it doesn’t matter how much more often you try to communicate. If you’re driving and you run into a brick wall, should you keep running into it? After months or even years of getting nowhere, most women give up and move on.

It’s sad. And it sucks. But here’s the good news:



You can get your man to listen to you. You can get him to share his thoughts and feelings with you. And you can get him to take an active interest in making the magical thing you share last and last and last…

You just need the right TOOLS and techniques to help you do it.

NEWSFLASH: Your Man WANTS To Communicate With You… But He Needs YOUR Help

Just because it may seem like your man doesn’t want to communicate on an emotional level… does that really mean he doesn’t want too?

In fact, 9 out of 10 men in a relationship WANT to communicate just as much… if not MORE… than the woman he is with.

It’s just that nearly every man is taught from a very early age that it is not ok for him to open up to another person. It’s just not the “manly” thing to do.

These beliefs are POUNDED into his head day in and day out.

As a result of this upbringing, we men are very cautious when it comes to meaningful communication and the whole idea of “feelings” in general.

It’s not healthy… but it’s all we know.

So we get a scared and nervous when a woman wants to talk “feelings.” It’s not only something we’ve never done … it’s also something that we are taught will make us appear WEAK, INSECURE, and less of a man.

This creates a huge dilemma for us…

We want to open up to you… but at the same time, we just don’t feel comfortable doing so. So we take the “easy” way out and just avoid it all together.

Fortunately, this “bad programming” of ours can actually be GOOD NEWS for you…

How The Way You Communicate With Him Determines Whether Or Not You Are “The One” For Him…

Most men have so many barriers to open communication that there is a very good chance that your man has never opened up to a woman before.

If you can be the one woman who can connect with him on an intimate level, it can be a VERY powerful.

He will see you as his soulmate: the one woman on earth who has helped him release all of those feelings and frustrations he’s bottled up inside over all of those years… and the one woman he can TRULY connect with.

And fortunately. making a man feel comfortable and open to sharing his feelings with you can actually be EASY when you know the right way to overcome the barriers to communication that are built up in his mind.

How Good Relationships Go BadAnd What To Do About It…

In addition to how men are conditioned, there are all kinds of other things that make him resistant to communication: stress in other areas of his life, insecurities, or baggage from past relationships.

In order to effectively communicate with him, it’s important that you learn what his unique barriers to open communication are, and how to help him overcome them in a way that makes him excited about doing it.

When you do this correctly, your man will LISTEN to what you have to say, and open up to you every single day.

How To Create The Kind Of Open, Understanding Relationship Most Couples Never Get To Experience… Quickly And Easily…

My Communication Secrets for a Secure Relationship program was designed to teach you how to communicate so your man listens, takes interest in what you have to say, and opens up and shares his most intimate thoughts and feelings.

You’ll learn a complete system for identifying exactly what a man means when he says something… and what it means when he doesn’t say anything at all.

You’ll discover clear ways to communicate and share your thoughts and emotions in a way that a man will listen, respect your feelings, and respond in a positive way.

You’ll also learn about ways of communicating that go BEYOND WORDS, so you can understand what’s going on “beneath the surface” and literally see inside a man’s mind to figure out what he’s REALLY thinking and feeling.

And that’s just the start. Here are a few more of the powerful secrets you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your conversations from turning into arguments (Here’s how to see his side from a position of understanding instead of anger… and get him to do the same)
  • How to react when your man does something WRONG (Most women mess this one up and make things worse… and even cause their man to resent them. Here’s exactly how to handle it in a way that makes sure he never makes the same mistake twice)
  • How to phrase your questions in a way that gets your man to actually give you an honest answer instead of avoiding them
  • EMOTIONAL FREQUENCY – How to tune in to what your man is thinking and feeling so you can communicate with him at a deeper level than anyone ever has before
  • Logical vs. Emotional Communication – How to appeal to a man’s LOGICAL side in order to get what you want emotionally
  • 5 simple things you can do every day to create a deeper connection with your man that require no “work” (Men LOVE when you do these things… and they often make the difference in whether a relationship lasts for years or just weeks or months)
  • How to move beyond simply “fixing” your relationship… and instead create a secure foundation that holds the two of you together during good times and bad
  • How to identify and eliminate any negative communication patterns you have in your relationship and replace them with GOOD HABITS that bring you closer together

In Communication Secrets For A Secure Relationship, You’ll Learn:

Section 1 – How A Man Connects

Section 1: How A Man Connects

  • The things you are doing to get closer to a man that are actually pushing him away
  • How to stop being at the mercy of a man so you can create real security
  • The secret to getting a man to be engaged mentally and emotionally with you
  • The biggest mistake you’re making right now when you’re trying to feel more secure
  • The real reason men stay with one woman forever – despite whatever their friends may think
Section 2 – Getting Through To Him

Section 2: Getting Through To Him

  • The secret communication language you didn’t know you have
  • Why the most secure and committed couples can argue without it hurting their relationship
  • How to share your feelings without triggering a negative response in a man
  • The underlying beliefs that are creating poor communication in your relationship
  • A simple yet critical skill that can completely transform the response you get from a man
Section 3 – Being The Woman He Gets Closer To

Section 3: Being The Woman He Gets Closer To

  • How your deepest fears are actually preventing a man from getting close to you
  • The most effective move you can make if you want a man to change
  • How to create strong boundaries so a man knows he has to treat you well
  • The biggest mistake that will create distance and dishonesty in a relationship
  • How to use your feelings and intuition in order to connect deeply with a man
Section 4 – Creating The Security You Need

Section 4: Creating The Security You Need

  • The words and body language that magnetically draw a man to you
  • How to expand your ability to receive love and romance in your relationship
  • Why a man can sense your feelings even when you’re trying to shut them down
  • How to unleash your feminine power so you feel confident and attractive
  • How to inject passion, variety, and sensuality into everyday life

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Customer Feedback

  • I learned so much… Nobody else has ever taught these secrets to women. They don’t teach this stuff to women in school. Our parents don’t tell us this stuff. And I am really thankful to Christian for putting this all together.”

  • Definitely recommended… During the program I had a whole lot of light bulbs going off – it really brought to light the problems that I was having with my ex-boyfriend. It really gives you an insight into how it’s not all the man’s fault, and helps us to understand what we’re doing wrong… or what we’re doing right!”

  • I am so grateful… I have recently been grieving a great loss in my life since my last relationship ended. This seminar was a gift to me and it has come at a time in my life when I really needed it. The things I have learned about men from this seminar empower me and give me a great sense of peace.”

As you go through this program, you’re going to learn the specific tactics and conversational techniques to create a deep emotional bond with your man… and build a trusting foundation for a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

I don’t need to tell you how good it’s going to feel to be able to openly communicate your feelings to your man and have him take what you have to say to heart. Your arguments will now bring you closer together, rather than pushing you further and further apart.

And, for the first time in your man’s life, he’ll have someone he can trust with his inner-most thoughts and feelings.

Imagine how good it will feel when your man looks in your eyes and tells you that you are the one woman on earth he can truly connect with… the only one that really understands him… and the one he wants to be with forever…

Your friend in life and love,

Christian Carter

Monthly Payment Plan

5 payments of:

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1 Easy Payment


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