Mr. Right Is Online Looking For You RIGHT NOW… Here’s How To Make Sure He Doesn’t Make A Love Connection With Someone Else

Here’s something to think about… I’m guessing that nearly all of the great men you know right now are TAKEN. They’re dating or married to someone you know. And those great guys who aren’t in a serious relationship… guess what they’re doing? They’re online.

The point is… the kind of men who are looking for love online are often professional, smart, single guys who just aren’t interested in the “bar scene” as a place to meet women, but who ARE interested in finding the right partner to their share their interests and passions.

The kind of man you might find online may be the attractive divorced neighbor across the street. The one you admiringly glimpse at when he’s mowing his lawn, who would love to find a woman just like you to share his life with…

Or it can be the shy, sensitive guy who loves all the same things you like, but whose path you’d never cross in “real life” because of the realities of our distracted, busy world and the fact that we don’t often travel outside our own little “routines.”

The bottom line is that a great man (the right kind of man for you) goes online for the same exact reason YOU do – to find someone to share a loving, connected relationship with. There are many more men like this online that you might imagine. Real men who are looking for real women to connect with.

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Why Some Women Have Amazing And FAST Success Online… And How YOU Can Do The Same

Why is it that while thousands of women end up finding true love online… others don’t find anyone at all? And why is it that many of the women who are successful often meet someone FAST… without spending hours on the computer… and without going on a bunch of dates that lead nowhere?

Is it lucky? Maybe for some. But could it also be that the women who ended up meeting their dream man online were doing something differently… something that gave themselves an edge that allowed them to find, meet and get to know a great man… while at the same time avoid wasting time with the wrong ones?

The answer is a resounding YES. There ARE things that women who successfully meet the right men online do differently… and YES, these things they do differently give them a huge advantage over other women.

And what’s really exciting is that these differences have NOTHING to do with:

  • Having above average looks… or needing to attract a man with your looks alone
  • Wasting your time spending hours and hours talking to men online
  • Having exceptional writing ability or being a big “self-promoter” to get a man’s interest

These aren’t the things that get the right man’s interest and attention online. Instead, the things that allow a woman to jump online and meet a great man very quickly are things that any woman can do. But surprisingly, very few women are doing what works with men online.

That’s why when you finally learn and know the correct strategies and techniques for identifying and attracting the right kind of man online, you’ll easily able to make online dating finally work in your favor.

4 Steps To Identify If He’s The Type Of QUALITY Man You’re Looking For

The first key to finding love online is knowing how to identify which of the hundreds of men you will come across are quality guys… and which one of these quality guys is the right guy for you. This breaks down into 4 very important steps…

Step #1: Figure out if he’s a “catch”

When a guy is filling out his profile, it’s very easy and tempting for him to add an inch or 2 to his height, drop a few pounds off his waist, and add a few dollars to his income. It’s up to YOU to figure out whether you are talking to one of the “pretenders…” or to a guy who doesn’t feel the need to pretend.

Fortunately, there are some very obvious and easy-to-spot warning signs that – along with a few specific questions you can ask – will allow you to find out if you are talking to a dud or stud within minutes of looking at his profile… or within just one or two email exchanges. If you’re serious about meeting Mr. Right quickly, it’s crucial that you learn what these warning signs and questions are… so you don’t waste a single minute of the time you could be spending talking to the right man for you.

Step #2: Spot whether he’s looking for the same thing you are

A great guy who’s looking for a woman to settle down with is highly unlikely to mention that he’s looking for a “committed relationship” in his profile. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. A man worries that if he puts these things in his profile, he’ll look desperate and needy
  2. Many men just plain don’t talk that way
  3. Many men just don’t know what they want until they find and experience it

Fortunately, there are subtle clues a guy gives when he is looking for something more serious and substantial that are sort of like a man’s version of, “I want to settle down…” and it’s important that you know what they are, and how to spot them. I want to show you how to tell if a man you are interested in is looking for the same thing you are without any guesswork… and with 100% accuracy.

Step #3: Build attraction and take things to the real world – fast

I don’t need to tell you that wasting time talking to someone who ends up awkward in person, or is not your physical type, really stinks. The fact of the matter is that no matter how good you get at “reading” a profile or knowing what questions to ask a man, chemistry is chemistry.

The best way to handle this is to first learn how to screen men up front to make sure they are a fit and have the qualities you are looking for… and then to learn how to get the interest of the right man so he’s wanting to meet up with you and be open and honest with you right away. The best part is, doing this online can be as easy as simply writing something once that will both screen the wrong men and attract the right man at the same time… and do all this for you (in your profile) while you’re not even online.

Step #4: Understand what attracts the right man… and what turns him off

Let me be very direct here… The single most important “skill” you can have for meeting a man and getting the right kind of situation started is knowing what to do so a man will feel attracted to you.

The biggest mistake I see women making when it comes to online dating isn’t some “technique” – it’s that most women don’t get how to create a strong level of attraction with each interaction they have with a man. Instead of leading with attraction and using what works online with men, too many let their own “stuff” get in the way of the experience they could create with a man. And it’s this “stuff” that most women accidentally communicate to men that turns out to be exactly what turns a man off and is 100% unattractive.

If you’re communicating the wrong things… then the power of online dating will not only work against you – but it will magnify the mistakes you’re making and what you’re saying and doing wrong.

My Finding Love Online Program Will Give You A Shortcut To Meeting The Right Man Online… And Creating A Great Relationship With Him

If you’re looking to meet the right man, or a small handful of great men to have fun with and choose from, then you’re about to learn how to make it easier than you ever thought possible.

In Finding Love Online, I’m going to show you how to avoid the big no-nos with men that can start from the first word of your profile… including all the common things men instantly see and recognize about you from your profile and your photos that will to make him run… even if you could have been a great match for him.

But most importantly, I want to show you what to do instead to grab a great guy’s attention from the start… and help him know that YOU are the great catch he’s been looking for.

You’ll learn:

  • What certain words and phrases mean in his profile… and how to spot if he is a great catch in seconds
  • How to write your online profile in an easy, step-by-step way that will not only capture the best of you, but will spark the attention of the right man
  • The deadly mistake most women make when emailing a man for the first time that ruins your chances with him no matter how compatible the two of you are
  • How to go from the initial online contact with a man to talking on the phone and meeting in person safely
  • A little-known tip to get more responses than 99% of other women online that takes literally minutes a day and almost no special work or effort on your part
  • How to talk by email or phone in a way that allows you to identify his true qualities quickly, good and bad
  • 6 pitfalls that can cause a woman who is a great catch in “real life” to get discouraged with online dating because they cause her to attract only the wrong kinds of men
  • The top common words and phrases in your profile that will instantly turn a man off… even if he could have been a perfect match for you!
  • 5 essential secrets you must know about how a man thinks and feels if you want to build a real connection with him.

Plus, you’ll get practical tips on what to bring, what to say, where to go and what to do (and NOT do) on a first date with a man you met online… so that you eliminate “nasty surprises” and instead feel confident and safe.

If you’re ready to jump with both feet into the #1 way thousands, if not millions, of people world-wide are meeting and connecting and forming lasting and loving relationships – even leading to marriage – then I’m here to guide you…

In Finding Love Online, You’ll Learn:

Section 1 – Boosting Your Chances

Section 1: Boosting Your Chances

  • Getting clear on what you really want out of online dating
  • The magic attitude that inspires honesty in a man (he’ll tell you what you need to know)
  • How to avoid taking rejection personally so you can have fun
  • The key to making online dating work so you don’t waste your time
  • How to use messaging and phone conversations to your advantage
Section 2 – Designing A Powerful Profile

Section 2: Designing A Powerful Profile

  • My #1 tip for getting noticed online (many online daters forget this)
  • The “fatal flaws” that immediately make a man click away from your profile
  • The “attractors” that instantly engage a man’s interest and attention
  • What men are really thinking when they read your profile
  • The 7 critical profile elements that will compel a man to contact you
Section 3 – Getting To Know The Real Him

Section 3: Getting To Know The Real Him

  • Four revealing questions that will give you key insights about a man
  • How to pace communication so a man is the one always pursuing you
  • How to effectively move from email to phone to meeting in person
  • What quality men are secretly hoping they’ll get out of a relationship with you
  • Why great women miss meeting great men (and how to avoid this trap)
Section 4 – Online Dating Tips From My Experts

Section 4: Online Dating Tips From My Experts

  • The top complaints men have about the photos you’re posting
  • The two biggest mistakes people make when it comes to getting physically intimate
  • How to create a unique and compelling user name
  • A profile writing technique that makes your profile leap out of the competition
  • The only two things you need to do to keep a man coming toward you

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Customer Feedback

  • I felt lost with online dating until now… The “real world” pointers and examples Christian gave were invaluable in helping me confidently navigate the strange and wonderful world of online dating. If I hadn’t taken this class I think I wouldn’t have the enthusiastic approach I feel will now work for me to meet new men and get back in the dating game. Thanks!”

  • I’m so glad I did this program… Greatest insight! The approach of online dating as a powerful tool to fine tuning communication and overall dating skills. That is great! I really enjoyed Grant Adams presentation, it was an amazing and funny way of giving really powerful information on men, it was actually like finally getting to read the user’s manual on men handling.”

  • I thought I knew all there was to know… I had been online, but I learned a lot of tips today that I really didn’t know, I learned about mistakes that I’ve been making, I learned the best way to present myself, different things that I need to bring about to say my purpose….”

This program will show you not only how to identify and connect with the right man online… but give you the exact tips you need to know how to communicate with him (the “rules” are different online)… find out if there’s a deeper kind of attraction and “chemistry” between you… and get to know who he really is before you waste any of your precious time or energy.

Imagine how great it’s going to feel when you get an email from a man who is just your type looks-wise… and also happens to be charming, funny, and successful… Imagine how exciting it’s going to be to feel to get to know him… then meet him… and feel that chemistry again.

If your soul mate is out there, there is a very very good chance that he is already online too… and he is looking for YOU. It’s time for you to find each other in the fastest, easiest way possible. It’s your turn to experience true love and excitement in your life, and I can’t wait to help you do it.

Your friend in life and love,

Christian Carter

Monthly Payment Plan

5 payments of:

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1 Easy Payment


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