Why He Flirts With You, But Won't Ask You Out

He Flirts But Won't Ask You Out

If you’re like most women, there’s a certain guy who gives you “mixed signals;” and it’s driving you crazy. Maybe you see him at work, or he’s a friend-of-a-friend that you run into at parties, or he’s a member of the same club or organization you’re involved with.

Every time you run into him, he seems happy to see you. He flirts, he smiles, he teases you and tries to get your attention. He seems to remember every conversation you had and makes you feel like he’s actually paying attention to what you’re saying.

He compliments you on the way you look, and there’s just something about the way he’s looking that makes you wonder what he’s thinking.

It feels good to you. It feels like he’s attracted to you. And you find yourself attracted to him. You look forward to running into him or spending time with him.

He makes you laugh, and every interaction you have with him makes you wonder what it would be like to date him.

So What’s Up With This Guy?

Sure, he ACTS interested, he flirts with you and tells you that you’re beautiful and smart and interesting, but then he pulls back and makes you wonder if you’re just imagining things.

As good as his attention is, you also feel a bit off balance around him because he doesn’t seem to do what you expect him to do or what you want him to do.

Is he really interested? Or is he just messing with you?

Why He’s Not Asking You Out

I can tell you that there can be many reasons a man will flirt and act “interested” in you but never ask for your number, call you, or make plans to go on a real date with you.

“You may THINK you’re flirting back or being friendly, but he may be just as unsure about you and what you’re feeling or thinking as you are about him.”

One may be that he’s actually involved with someone else, but he enjoys your company and thinks you’re a great woman. He just doesn’t want to “go there” with you.

Maybe he’s attracted to you physically, but he doesn’t yet feel that gut-level of emotional attraction to want to take things to the next level with you.

Maybe he feels like he’s getting mixed signals from you… one minute he thinks you’re responding and interested, but the next minute he senses some kind of “vibe” that makes him wonder if you’d reject him if he were to ask you out.

Or…maybe he has his own personal reasons for not wanting to become more involved that have nothing to do with who you are or what you say or do.

Unless you ask him directly, there’s no way to know for sure what’s going on.

But there are THREE key things you can do that will increase the likelihood that he’ll want to spend time with you alone and get to know you better. Here’s one of them:

Engage Him One-On-One And Give Him The Space To Respond

He Flirts But Won't Ask You Out

You may THINK you’re flirting back or being friendly, but he may be just as unsure about you and what you’re feeling or thinking as you are about him.

This is why it’s important that if you want to maximize the chances that a man will follow-up with his attraction for you, you have to find a way to engage him that tells him that you’re both interested and available.

Look him directly in the eye when you’re speaking to him. Smile. Avoid complaining or talking about boring subjects like the weather. Let him “carry” the conversation – don’t hijack it every chance you get and monopolize your entire time together.

The fact is, if you don’t know what to do and say in order to create enough interest for a man to both feel safe asking you out and creating enough interest in him, then you’re going to have a tough time with men and dating.

In my eBook Catch Him and Keep Him, I walk you through exactly what to do and say from the moment you lock eyes with a man, to what to say and do so he asks you on a first date and beyond.

I’ll also tell you about the other two powerful ways to get a man’s attention and interest as well as a game plan for how to create the right situation so that he can feel comfortable asking you out or taking things to the next level with you. You’ll also discover 2 connection-killing mistakes that flip a man’s negative emotional triggers and send hopes of a future spiraling down on page 115.

So go download my ebook here: Catch Him and Keep Him risk-free trial. If you feel unsure about how to engage a man so he’ll ask you out, my eBook will give you specific strategies you’ll want to use immediately. And, once he does make a move, you’ll also know what to do to create an intense emotional attraction so he’ll keep asking you out again and again.

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