Are Men Afraid of Relationships?

Are Men Afraid of Relationships?

I bet you can think of at least one man who was intent on staying single and even shunned what could have been a great relationship with amazing woman just because he didn’t want a “serious relationship.”

But then, just a few weeks or months later, that man met another woman. And within just a few weeks with this new woman he was completely sprung and head over heels for her… and he was begging HER for a committed relationship.


If you’re like most women, then you’ve seen several men you know do this “instant switch” thing where all of a sudden they want a serious relationship, even though all they could talk about before was being “on their own.”

Here’s the reality: Most men are never “ready” for a relationship… not until they feel the magical feelings and experiences with a woman that tell them “Hey, this is the woman for me.”

“For a man, the connection he feels with a woman early on can have nothing to do with whether or not he wants a relationship with her.”

A Man Rarely Consciously Decides To Fall In Love

Love - and a lasting relationship – is something that a man discovers when a woman affects him in a deep, intense, emotional way to the point where he literally makes a “shift,” and his old conscious and “logical” thoughts of wanting to wait are simply overcome with his DESIRE.

A woman is totally different. When a woman feels that intense physical and emotional connection with a man, she’s often carried away by it. And when this happens, something fascinating takes place inside the minds and bodies of most women…

They start to believe that the connection they feel with a man is in and of itself proof that this is a “special” situation. It makes them believe that it’s going to become a deeper relationship and that the man must be sharing these same feelings.

Are Men Afraid of Relationships?

Connection Does Not Equal Relationship

For a man, the connection he feels with a woman early on can have nothing to do with whether or not he wants a relationship with her.

He may call her, spend time with her, and even get physically involved with her even though he doesn’t yet want a relationship with her.

What I’m getting at here is that there’s a danger in dating if you don’t understand how men think and behave. There’s a danger in that you as the woman expect one thing because of the connection you feel, but the man is completely in a different place, emotionally. I call this “The Danger Of A Connection.”

To learn more about “The Danger of A Connection” and what it can cost you in dating if you don’t understand how it works, read my eBook Catch Him And Keep Him.

I’ll tell you exactly how men really feel about “dating” versus “real relationships” and how to make a connection turn into the lasting relationship you really want.

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