Catch Him and Keep Him Program Catalog: Video Programs and eBooks

If you want to find out once and for all what a man really thinks about love and commitment, you need to go right to the source: inside his mind. Christian Carter is your guide to the male mind and all the dating and relationship secrets you need to know to attract the guy you want.

All of Christian’s programs are available for instant online viewing. And rest assured: you can try any of them completely RISK-FREE.

Foundation Programs

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You have your destination: an amazing relationship with a great guy. But without a map, you’ll take a lot of unnecessary turns and waste time getting there. To get and keep him, you need to know how a guy operates when it comes to dating and how to speak his language so you get what you want… easily.

Catch Him And Keep Him eBook

Here it is: my ultimate guide to the way a man REALLY thinks and feels about dating, love, commitment, and getting intimate - PLUS targeted advice to get you the rock-solid relationship you deserve. Now completely revised and updated so you get even more valuable concepts and advice, right from the first chapter. Download it now and discover 150+ pages of eye-opening insights, real-world examples, and tried-and-true techniques you'll want to put to use right away.

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Natural And Lasting Attraction

Most women think attraction is about sparking a physical interest in a man. But if you want to create a “forever” feeling in a man, you need to know how to create emotional attraction. This program will teach you about the difference, and how to connect with him on an emotional, lasting level.

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Inside The Mind Of A Man

Have you ever wasted hours attempting to figure out what a man’s words meant, or tried to interpret “hidden meaning” from a passing comment? This program will provide you with a road map of how a man thinks about love, commitment and his relationships.

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Mastering “Make or Break” Moments With Men

Learn the secret to mastering the 15 “Make-or-Break Moments” in your relationship that determine whether your man falls more deeply in love with you or leaves. In this program, I’ll teach you exactly what to do and say in each of these 15 critical moments, laid out in exact steps and how-to techniques.

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Interview Series

Interviews With Dating & Relationship Experts

To play the dating game and win, practice makes perfect. Get motivated every month with practical insights from leading experts who tell Christian their top secrets for finding and keeping love. Listen at home or on the go.

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Programs For Women Who Are Single

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Learn how to get yourself in the best position to meet the love of your life, where to find him, and how to create attraction and spark his interest in a long term relationship.

Programs For Women In A Relationship

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So you’ve met him. Now don’t lose him. There’s a way to get a guy to want to commit to you, and there are many more ways to make sure he gets scared and runs. Here’s how to make sure that a great guy will never slip through your fingers again.